New Music: Spoon – “They Want My Soul”

Back in 2010, I was insanely excited about Spoon’s upcoming record. They’d just released “Written In Reverse” and I couldn’t stop listening. The pain and the sweetness were too good.

Unfortunately, much of the story around their new album “They Want My Soul” is how much better it is than 2010’s “Transference”. But it really is better. I sort of like “Transference”, but the new tracks are killer. This is what I was waited for four years ago. It rocks, it’s fun and it’s under your skin, weirding you out, before you know it.

The easy favorite is “New York Kiss”. If you’ve missed LCD Soundsystem, get your fix of driving dance-floor rock right here.

Second favorite is “Do You” because it’s rough around the edges, with a smooth and creamy core. Plus a nuts music video. And the lyric “Somebody get popsicles, someone do something ’bout this heat” which is great.

Some reviews paint this new record as a return to form. It’s true. “Do You”, “Rent I Pay” and other tracks are cousins to the straightforward scuffed-soul rock tracks on “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”.

But let’s not forget this is the band that named an album “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”. Listen to “Knock Knock Knock” and tell me it’s from this universe. Notice the “Garden State” dis on “Outlier”. Check out the fire-sharpened Nile Rodgers licks stacked on some wild finger-picked guitar. Spoon’s returned, but they could never be the same. Check out the new record, it’s on Spotify and probably the counter at Urban Outfitters.