Alternate Rock History Playlists

Some while back my friend Kenton asked for several playlists of my favorite music. His job requires long days driving up and down snowy west Michigan highways. Guess a little music helps pass that time.

The stipulation was these playlists had to be somewhat educational. Not just all my old favorites, but something that told a story about the music. At first, I had a hard time finding inspiration. I wanted the first playlist to cover all of rock history in 50 tracks. It’s a rough listen, starting with some New Jersy-bred rock somehow mixed with pop-rock and U2 and ending with 90s alternative. For me, this track order makes a funny kind of sense, never mind the giant gaps where Led Zeppelin and The Beatles should be.

I’ve always loved sequencing opposite sounds together. Something from Blood on the Tracks heads straight into The Replacements and it’s great, I swear. Let’s just say some cataclysm caused this playlist to exist in an alternate timeline where Justice had a real chance to face-off with ELO on 80s radio.

Listen to the playlist below.

Some time after unleashing that one, I put together this exploration of dance oriented rock music. You may call it dance-rock, just not around any of the bands on the playlist, ‘cuz they’ll probably resent it.

This one follows reality with more historical fidelity, as long as you ignore the existence of The Black Eyed Peas and stay out of the clubs where people actually dance. Like I said, dance oriented rock. Kenton says it’s good to drive to.

Funny how everything comes back to the blues or soul. There’s a staticky, lo-fi blues track at the heart of the first list and Little Richard holds the center for list two.

Let me know what you think of these. I’ve got two more waiting to share if you’d like. The next one’s country music. Which you better believe has everything to do with rock ‘n roll, soul and the blues. Check the track below for a quick hit.