Spotify Listen to the playlist on Spotify. The Shins, “Taste of Honey” Did you know James Mercer can sing? I knew his voice could swoop, chime, and yelp but I didn’t know he could croon. Amazingly delicate, precise singing here. Production and arrangement by Danger Mouse. Treat yourself to the sweet, sad noir treatment of this […]

Wish I had time to write up thoughts about all of these great tracks. Like always, some of these songs are already oldies. But I’m just making this list to record my discoveries and favorites along the way. Check out all of these artists for more great music. Spotify

Warning: more country this quarter than usual. Blame Charles Kelley.

This quarter I found some country I liked. And lots of synth pop. Lots! And the Adele record continues to be huge.

Best Album isn’t everything. A collection of highlights and guilty pleasures from 2015.